Historic England

Historic England

One of the fascinating archive collections we represent

Featured image: ARC103375 - Two women walk past
graffiti on a railway bridge on Grafton Road in Camden,
London ©John Gay/Historic England



A wide selection of home interiors images

Featured image: ARC105889 - The living room in Slipper Mill
Cottage - a renovated house by the sea in Hampshire, UK
©Chris Snook



This year marks the 100th anniversary of Bauhaus

Featured image: 38888-80 - Bauhaus Dessau, Germany

Welbeck Street

Welbeck St car park

The exterior of the soon-to-be demolished, brutalist-era
car park in London by Michael Blampied & Partners

Featured image: ARC106616 ©Aidan Brown

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  • Welbeck Street
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